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  • We offer you piece and health for four seasons with Sefa Thermal Holiday Village, which was founded in the town of Gazlıgöl-Yaylabağı that is the region having the highest quality thermal waters of Afyonkarahisar, official capital of thermal.

    The potable and bath water we have in our facility has the highest mineral content in Turkey and is good for several health problems.

    Everything has been taken into consideration for your comfort in our facility, which has comfortable bedrooms, spacious living rooms and open kitchens with eye-pleasing interior and exterior design.

    Our facility is 20 km from the city center of Afyonkarahisar and can be reached both by land (Afyon-Seyitgazi-Eskişehir) and by railroad (Afyon-Kütahya-Eskişehir). Moreover, the region shall become a thermal tourism heaven thanks to the international airport “Zafer” that shall be put into service in 2012..


    Our vision is to become a brand in the thermal tourism sector and to offer thermal health and holiday service to the whole world with our natural richness and thus contribute to the introduction and development of our city and our country.


    Our mission is to renew and develop ourselves with continuous investments onthe basis of sustainability in quality and absolute customer satisfaction,to meet everyone’s expectations by offering different options for all needs, and to provide you, our dear customers, with the health originating from our thermal water with a service manner and comfort beyond imagination.

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  •       One Day Min 4 Days
    Apartment 96 m2 1+1 Daire 125 TL
    Apartment Hotels 55 m2 1+1 Daire 75 TL
    Dublex 135 m2 2+1 Daire 125 TL
  • 1 Room + 1 Salamanje Kitchen, 2 + 2 Bedrooms, Mini Thermal Bath, Shower Bath – WC

    Balcony, Ventilation System, Advanced Air-Conditioning System

    LCD TV in Living Room and Bedroom, Kitchenware for 4 Persons, Air-Conditioner, Safe,

    Satellite Broadcasting, Wireless Internet, Telephone, Hair Dryer, Refrigerator, Washing Machine

    Our recreational facility comprises of Supermarket, Shopping Center, Aqua Park, Indoor Pools, Steam Bath, Turkish Bath, Yuruk Tent, Conference& Meeting Hall, Sport Complex, Therapy Pools, Massage Rooms, Mud Baths, Botanical Garden, Camera Surveillance System, 24-Hour Security, Restaurant, Cafeteria And Patisserie.

  • Before you go to your room, you are welcomed by our good-humored personnel at our reception. After you are guided to your room, which is selected and prepared for you beforehand, the only thing left for you is to enjoy our thermal.

    Each of our rooms has been designed as 1 Room + 1 Salamanje Kitchen. Kitchens include kitchenware to meet 4 persons’ needs and one refrigerator. Furthermore, on the balcony, you may have a chat and watch the scenery towards evening. Our rooms have LCD TV and satellite broadcasting as well as wireless Internet.

    Our facility also includes double bedrooms. In our facility, you may find everything you need for your health and for having a comfortable and peaceful holiday. We have taken everything into consideration for your comfort in our facility, which offers room service, ventilation system, wireless Internet, etc.

    Contribute to your health in our facility, which has a mini thermal bath. The thermal water used in our facility is one of the highest quality waters in the region in terms of mineral content, being potable and temperature.

    Our thermal water, to which you can have access for 24 hours, is good for musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, liver and gallbladder diseases, renal diseases, gynecological diseases, dermatological disorders, respiratory system diseases, nervous system diseases and metabolism diseases and helps preserving your body and skin beauty either by consuming directly or by bathing. Moreover, its therapeutic feature does not have any adverse effect. Thus, we turn therapy into holiday.

    In the restaurant of our facility, you shall enjoy a wide range of foods and promote the healthy effect of our thermal water with nutrition.

    Our facility is surrounded by playground, supermarket, playfields and green fields where you can watch the scenery with pleasure and get rest. Our facility is 20 km from the city center of Afyonkarahisar and can be reached both by land (Afyon-Seyitgazi-Eskişehir) and by railroad (Afyon- Kütahya-Eskişehir). Moreover, the region shall become a thermal tourism heaven thanks to the international airport “Zafer” that shall be put into service in 2012.

  • In our rooms, each of which is made up of 1 Room + 1 Salamanje Kitchen, we have taken everything ou need into consideration. Interior of our rooms has been specially designed with adjustable lighting system for rendering service to you. Thanks to kitchenware for 4 persons, refrigerator, washing machine, LCD TV, wireless Internet, telephone, advanced air-conditioning system and ventilation system, you may fulfill all of your needs without discomforting yourself.

    Our facility also includes double bedrooms. There are LCD TV and satellite broadcasting in our rooms. Moreover, our rooms have a safe, where you can keep your valuables safely. You may illuminate your room as much as you like by means of the lighting system in our bedrooms.

    Interior of our bathrooms, which comprise of a mini thermal bath, has been specially designed to appeal not only to your health and comfort but also to your eye. The thermal water used in our facility is one of the highest quality waters in the region in terms of mineral content, being potable and temperature.

    Our thermal water, to which you can have access for 24 hours, is good for musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, liver and gallbladder diseases, renal diseases, gynecological diseases, dermatological disorders, respiratory system diseases, nervous system diseases and metabolism diseases and helps preserving your body and skin beauty either by consuming directly or by bathing. Moreover, its therapeutic feature does not have any adverse effect. Thus, we turn therapy into holiday.

    The construction of our new buildings continues at full steam. If you like, you may take part in our free introduction tours, see our buildings and sample apartment on site and get detailed information about our project. Owing to our rapidly progressing construction, the time to put our thermal into full service has been determined as 2012.

  • Terms of Payment

    • Our company can not be held responsible for any promotion, gift, advertisement or discount announcements and commitments which are not posted on our corporate website.

    • Payments (by installments or in advance) of the timeshare properties purchased from our company can not be made to consultant. Our company is not responsible for the payments made.

    • Payments (by installments or in advance) shall be made to the following bank account numbers.

    • Following payment, payment notification form should be completed and sent to us.

    • You may deliver all of your questions and suggestions to us by sending an e-mail to or by completing the contact form on our website.

    • You may get information about payment and financial issues by calling our accounting department at 0272 213 08 00.

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  • Why Sefa Thermal?

    * Sefa Thermal was founded in Gazlıgöl - Yaylabağı Thermal Region of Afyonkarahisar, capital of thermal.

    * Our thermal water was selected to have the highest mineral content in the region. It springs from a depth of 500-550 m and its temperature at the point of origin is 85◦C.

    * Our spring water is artesian (it springs by itself) and does not contain toxic substances which are very harmful to human body such as arsenic, cyanide, etc, showing that our spring water is healthy and natural and, contrary to many other waters, potable (It has been certified. You can find these certificates in “Certificates”).

    * We have all legal documents including the ÇED report (Please see “Certificates”).

    *Our certificates are approved by Istanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine by Prof. Dr. M. Zeki KARAGÜLLE, president of Turkish Spas Thalasso and Health Resorts Association (TÜRKAP).

    * As an indication of its forward-looking vision and modern point of view towards the sector, Sefa Thermal is the sponsor for the European Spas Association (ESPA).

    * Thanks to our experience of more than 10 years in the tourism sector, we know this sector very well. We are one of the first entrepreneurs of the region in this sector.

    * We are superior to other projects in terms of approximately 20 features such as washing machine, covert safe, LCD TV in master bedroom, closed circuit telephone system, etc. in our apartments.

    * We are the only organization aiming at establishing a general hospital which shall have every branch in the course of time.

  • The effects of thermal waters on human body and the diseases to which thermal waters are beneficial as a support therapy Probable Effects of Thermal Waters on Human Body

    Approximately 70% of human body consists of water. For this reason, it is impossible to think that this water balance shall not be lost as a result ofdisorders that occur in human structure for various reasons. Thermal mineral waters, which contain a large amount of elements essential for human body, shall certainly have significant benefits to human health.

    It is known that hot waters reduce pain owing to their effects on muscle, bone and nervous system. Hot waters induce vasodilatation, decrease blood stream, eliminate muscle spasm and thus reduce pain. As the blood holding capacity of veins increases as a result of vasodilatation, negativities related to congestion in heart and lungs are prevented. Furthermore, peripheral nerve system is blocked and thus analgesia is ensured. As a result of all these effects, pain is reduced. It is also indicated that hot waters regulate impaired hormonal system in elder patients and cause obesity to decrease and consequently the pressure on joints is removed and pain is reduced.

    Endorphin is also called as happiness hormone. If the level of this hormone is high, people feel both less pain and better/happier. On the other hand, a certain level of prolactin is necessary for the development and function of female genitals. Following thermal bath, plasma renin activity increases. This hormone has many crucial functions such as regulating body blood pressure.

    In addition to the temperature of water, sulfur and carbon dioxide it contains have a systematic effect on muscle, bone, skeleton and veins. The vasodilatation effect of systematic thermal therapy is curative for peripheral vascular diseases and some heart diseases.

    Effects of Thermal Waters on Organs and Systems Diseases

    1-Muscoloskeletal System Diseases

    Approximately 25% of people complain about rheumatic diseases and all thermal springs are good for rheumatic diseases. Calcification, soft tissue rheumatism, some inflammatory rheumatic diseases (for instance Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis), orthopedic interventions and post-trauma. With their high temperature effects, thermal waters may lead to the release of beta-endorphins and an analgesic effect. For this reason, it has been proved by scientific studies that thermal waters may make patients with rheumatism, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia relax. Joint diseases, arthritis, soft tissue rheumatisms, some rheumatic diseases, injury-derived harms.

    2- Cardiovascular System Diseases

    In arteriosclerosis, thermal springs correct the impaired chemistry of blood. They ensure vasodilatation and normalize blood circulation. Thermal springs are beneficial to patients who have blood pressure problems without coronary failure; they regulate blood pressure. Because of their effect of settling down, they also provide benefit to stress-related blood pressure. Besides, it has been found out by scientific researches that thermal springs are good for diseases such as compensated coronary failure, circulatory disorder, varicosity, peripheral artery diseases, essential hypotension (especially orthostatic). coronary failure, circulatory disorder, hypertension, artery diseases.

    3- Gastrointestinal Disorders

    Soda mineral water is drunk in stomach diseases that occur with cramps as the level of gastric acid increases. It is recommended especially to the patients who complain about bloating, gas, headache and dizziness. In case of disorders originating from intestinal enlargement and intestinal laziness, soda magnesium water is used. Stomach diseases, diabetes, obesity, gout, liver failure.

    4- Liver and Gallbladder Diseases

    Thermal waters may have positive effects on liver and gallbladder failures, getting rid of gallbladder and the prevention or elimination of gallbladder stones.

    5- Renal Diseases

    Drinking healing waters cleans kidneys and passes kidney stones. Moreover, in patients with kidney stones, hot bath causes the stone to be broken and pass. It has been proven by scientific researches that thermal springs give positive results in chronic pyelonephritis, chronic cystitis, chronic prostatitis, kidney stones and functional failure. It is known that thermal springs are good for diseases such as chronic cystitis, chronic kidney stones and functional failure.

    6- Gynecological Diseases

    Those who have complaints of ovaritis, menstrual irregularity and some infertility cases get positive results from thermal spring therapy. Chronic genital diseases, vegetative ovary failure, functional sterility (infertility), postoperative adhesion prophylaxis, dysmenorrhea, fluor.

    7- Dermatological Diseases

    It has been found out by scientific researches that radioactive thermal spring waters give positive results in the treatment of many dermatological diseases, acne, psoriasis, neurodermitis, chronic residual urticaria eczema and pruritus.

    8- Respiratory System Diseases

    Thermal spring therapy and steam baths provide benefits in the treatment of throat and upper respiratory tract diseases such as bronchitis, pneumoconiosis. It is known in the literature that thermal water therapy relaxes bronchus and bronchial muscles and enables asthmatic patients to breath easily. It is seen that it is good for asthma bronchial, chronic bronchitis, allergic upper respiratory tract diseases, pneumoconiosis, etc.

    9- Nervous System Diseases

    In the literature, it is expressed that very beneficial results are obtained in the support therapy of diseases such as central and peripheral chronic inflammatory disorders, spinal diseases, traumatic lesions, spastic paralyses, neuromyopathies, vascular neurological diseases, stroke rehabilitation, neurovegetative dystonia.

    10. Metabolism Diseases

    Thermal spring waters accelerate sweating and catabolic activities especially in steam baths with the effect of temperature on the one hand and regulate the functioning of organs such as liver,spleen, kidney, etc. that play a significant role in metabolic activity chain with drinking cures on the other hand. Thus, they provide benefits also in the treatment of diabetes. In such diseases, soda water is drunk and hot water bath and steam bath are applied in order to burn excessive fat. In case of gout, uric acid accumulates in human body and results in kidney stones. Thermal spring therapy is effective in the treatment of gout as well.

    Recent scientific studies have revealed that in the treatment of obesity, which is widely encountered around the world, thermal therapy cures have positive effects on the control of leptin and gherlin metabolism, which is responsible for appetite and use of body fat.

    Today, the efforts people make in order to loose weight with drugs have dramatic ends. But it is possible to say that the effects of thermal therapy on loosing weight are perfect without any adverse effects.

    11- Body and Skin Beauty

    Thermal springs are at the same time centers for the beauty of body and skin, mental fatigue and relieving stress. They also have therapeutic effects on eczema, acne and psoriasis.

  • Benefits of Thermal Water

    * Respiratory system diseases: Asthma bronchial, chronic bronchitis, allergic upper respiratory infections, pneumoconiosis.

    * Skin diseases: Eczema, acne, psoriasis.

    * Musculoskeletal diseases: Joint diseases, arthritis, soft tissue rheumatisms, some rheumatic diseases, injury-derived harms.

    * Cardiovascular system diseases: Heart failure, circulatory disorder, hypertension, arterial diseases.

    * Gastrointestinal disorders: Stomach diseases, diabetes, obesity, gout, liver failure.

    * Kidney and urinary tract disorders: Chronic cystitis, chronic renal calculi, functional failure.

    * Gynecological diseases: Chronic genital organ diseases, infertility, postoperative diseases, painful menstruating, genital secretion.

    * Neurologic diseases: Spinal diseases, traumatic lesions, stroke rehabilitation.

    It is well known that thermal spring therapy has positive effects especially on rheumatic diseases and general muscle and fatigue pains. In addition, thermal spring therapy increases patients’ quality of life and provides rehabilitation so that they live an active life. In recent years, thermal springs are defined as “detox” because human structure gets stronger together with purification and cleansing and consequently patients get rid of the aggravating effects of their diseases.

    Furthermore, specialists point out that there is no age limit for receiving thermal spring therapy and indicate that also elders and children may easily get cure from thermal springs. Children benefit from thermal spring cure in upper respiratory infections such as hay fever and asthma. On the other hand, it has been proved that thermal spring cure has positive effects on many chronic diseases which occur in elders with old age i.e. hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic pulmonary disease, etc.


    Today, in the age of “chemical poisoning”, return to the nature and interest in making use of thermal resources grow more and more and consequently the area of use of such natural therapy methods expands. Natural therapy methods have become more of an issue around the world as the adverse effects of modern technology product drugs have come to light.

    Considering the fact that thermal tourism plays a crucial role in human health, many countries place emphasis on thermal tourism. For thermal tourism purposes, 10 million people go to Germany and Hungary, 8 million people go to Russia, approximately 1 million people go to France, and 800.000 people go to Switzerland in a year. The city of Beppu in Japan, which has a population of 126 million people, is visited by 13 million people only for thermal tourism purposes. There are many therapeutic thermal spring centers in Europe. Countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Russia, Hungary and Czech Republic are in the lead. Thermal tourism has become a significant sector in Germany, one of the European countries. In Germany, which has 263 certified thermal spring centers, the total bed capacity of facilities is 750.000. Das Leuze Thermal Spring and Recreation Facilities located in Stuttgart in Germany is visited by 8000 people daily in summer. On the average, this figure corresponds to 3000 people/day annually. It is one of the countries where thermal spring therapy is covered partially or wholly by both private and public health insurance companies on condition of medical diagnosis and report.

    Patients have to await their turn in many parts of the world because of the fact that existing facilities fail to satisfy the increasing demand.


    In the life of Turks, thermal springs and baths have been used for the purpose of not only cleaning and healing but also entertainment. The fact that, in Turkish baths, women have had entertainments featuring music and singings, banquets on navel stones (heated marble platforms on which one lies to sweat in a Turkish bath), ceremonies for brides and ceremonies for new mothers have been the subject of Turkish literature and painting.

    Having revived thanks to Turks’ passion for cleaning, thermal springs have been re-introduced to the world with the features that are specific to Turks. As one of the most favorite press organs of the world, The New York Times, states, the culture of therapy with healing water spread to Europe from Anatolia.

    In the Turkish culture, thermal springs and baths were constructed to be used by everyone from palace people to the public without discriminating between classes. The extent of the importance which Turks attach to water and cleaning is understood from the number of fountains, thermal springs and baths that were built in each place conquered and in each sultan’s reign.

    Thermal springs and baths were constructed based on the structure of Roman baths. However, the thermal spring and baths built by Turks in accordance with their beliefs and lifestyles have different characteristics.

    Thermal springs are the buildings constructed on natural spring waters. In this respect, thermal springs structurally differ from baths. The difference in terms of temperature originates from the fact that thermal springs are some kind of therapy centers rather than bathing places. In hot sections of thermal springs, instead of navel stones in baths, there are pools which enable people to keep the diseased parts of their bodies. These pools are rectangular or oval in the thermal springs of Roman- Hellenistic-Byzantine periods but in general circular in Turkish thermal springs. In addition, the thermal springs which are constructed on natural spring waters do not embody boiler rooms.

    Prof. Dr. Zeki Karagülle, Head of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine Department of Hydroclimatology, expresses that the thermal springs in Turkey have been followed by European countries closely for a long time and the interest of European people in thermal springs and Turkish baths grows day by day.

    As a matter of fact, Turkey, which is located on a geothermal belt, is among the first seven countries of the world in terms of the richness and potential of springs. Being rich in salt, radon and sulfur with a high molten metal value, the thermal waters in Turkey are superior to those in Europe in terms of both flow rate and temperature and various physical and chemical features. Although today we have 1600 resources in 46 provinces, only 200 of them have thermal centers built on them. According to official sources, the number of licensed thermal deposits in our country is unfortunately below 30.000. Compared to developed countries, this figure is ridiculous.

    Considering the importance of thermal therapy, Turkish Government started to make improvements in thermal spring therapy facilities on June 15, 2007.

    It is beyond doubt that the most important obstacle to the thermal tourism in our country is the low number of qualified facilities rendering high-quality service. We serve you with Sefa Thermal, one of the highest-quality facilities in this regard.